Saturday, 22 May 2010

Sketches from the National Portrait Gallery and Waddesdon Manor etc...

Skecthes I did during the Easter holidays a month or two back now. I went to the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery with my Nana in London. It was a really good day and I enjoyed drawing the different people wandering around the exhibitions (and I think she enjoyed watching me draw them too ). :)
Most of the sketches are of people's backs as they were looking at the paintings...

Some more detailed sketches done on the bus home from the galleries...

I also went to Waddesdon Manor (England, UK) with my lovely friends, Dazza and Freya.
This page shows a sketch I did quickly of Dazza and some sketches from around the Manor. I was only allowed to use a pencil to sketch inside the Manor as all the furniture, ornaments, rugs and curtains were incredibly ornate and expensive. I had only brought a pen with me so I had to borrow a pencil from the staff there, but I forgot to give it back! I feel bad! :P

This last page shows sketches done at my Grandma and Grandad's home in London. My uncle has recently had a child with his new partner (an older post shows the "baby girl" card I made for her) I drew some sketches of my family holding baby, Sura.



  1. hi! your drawings are good.
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  3. @preciousmt - that's fine! Thank you very much for featuring some of my work! Very honoured :D