Monday, 6 August 2012

New job and National Portrait Gallery sketches

Apologies for how long it's taken to start posting again, I have been very busy, as I started a (temporary) job at Lupus Films, London, working on The Snowman sequel!

It's such an exciting project, and the studio is full of inspiring and ridiculously talented people, not to mention some of the friendliest and loveliest people I have ever met! I started on the 2nd July and am scheduled to work until mid-September. It's been utterly fantastic so far! So look out for the film at Christmas, it should be airing on Channel 4 on either Xmas Eve, Xmas Day or Boxing Day!! 

I have been drawing out-of work too. Every day I commute home I try to sketch a few things in a sketchbook I carry round with me. I will upload some of these sketches over the next few weeks.

Last Friday, I went to the National Portrait Gallery with a friend from work who has been going for a few weeks to sketch also. I wanted to go with her to do some sketching too, as her sketches inspired me to do some observational skecthes of paintings too. Here is a compilation of the sketches I made. Titles of the paintings are below, and are read left to right.

1. "Lady Colin Campbell" (1897) by Giovanni Boldini.

2. A study of a woman, from "The Mission of Mercy: Florence Nightingale receiving the Wounded at Scutari" (1857) by Jerry Barrett.

3. "John Philip Kemble as Cato" (1812) by Sir Thomas Lawrence.

4. "Coventry Patmore" (1894) by John Singer Sargent -> (my absolute favourite painter)

5. A study of a Marble bust of "George Granville Leveson-Gower, 1st Duke of Sutherland" (1830) by Sir Francis Leggatt Chantry.

More to come soon!