Saturday, 26 January 2013

1920s Bride.. Photoshop Practise

I'm currently trying to find my style through a different range of mediums, from Photoshop to watercolours to colour pencils.

So here are the work-in-progress images as well as the final one for a 1920s style Bride.

I may be working on some wedding invitations for a family friend soon, so want to try and find a way of colouring that suits me.

This piece was really fun to work on. I loved working on all the details; the lace, headband and bouquet in particular.

I made the brush too. I got the default hard round brush and adjusted the hardness and spacing to make the imperfect edge which is a favourite style I see in other illustrators artwork. I'll need to develop a few more though.

As I didn't plan the background, it's very simple, but I will definitely plan the backgrounds in the future. I definitely prefer a minimalist style to backgrounds, but definitely need to practise spacial backgrounds with depth, perspective and objects.


Monday, 21 January 2013

Green Wing...

I know, I know. I'm late to this by 8 years, but! I love it!

Have been doing a few sketches... (uploading on my tumblr) but here they are:

Amazing cast and just an amazing show! Bloody love it.

I used reference only for Guy at the bottom and a bit for Tamsin in the second one. None for Mac in the top one (which is why it looks nothing like him). I love drawing Tamsin Greig's face, she is just stunning!

I'll have to try drawing all the characters from the series though at some point!