Monday, 23 January 2012

An Embrace at Cardiff Station...

I drew this from memory after a day in Cardiff on Saturday... It stuck in my mind as it was really sweet..

(Text written below the image for those who cannot read my writing)

I saw a guy with messy hair and a beard..

In one hand he was holding a small bouquet of flowers (unknown) and in the other, he held a Crabbies Ginger Beer bottle..

I only really saw him from behind as he was walking very quickly towards the station..

He suddenly embraced his partner who received the gifts very quickly.


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Don't Cry, Daddy... WIP

"Don't cry, daddy, I'm all right, daddy, please don't cry here, let me wipe away your tears..."

A little colouring FAIL attempt of a scene from the stage musical "Matilda" playing at London's Cambridge Theatre in London at the moment...

I went to see it at the end of December and absolutely loved it. The music and lyrics were written by Tim Minchin, and the songs are all brilliant.

As I am a soppy git, I love all the highly emotive songs where the characters are really expressing something, or verging on tears to put it bluntly! This scene is from the song "I'm Here" which is one of my favourites. This moment in the show really hit me. The father, (in Matilda's imagination) bursts into the room and hugs her singing, "Don't cry, I am here, little girl..." It was spine-tingling in the show, as the actor BELTED it; full of emotion! I just LOVED it. So this moment stuck out for me. The moment after this, Matilda sings to her "daddy" asking him to not worry...

But anyway... I'm just having a chill-out arty moment because we have just had a film critique and I am absolutely knackered!! 

So I will hopefully keep going back and finishing this you can tell, I am not one for colour, but this is sort of practise! I'm liking the funky colours and having a bit of fun with it! :)

Based on the song, "I'm Here" from "Matilda" the Musical.

Attempting to colour in PS....(CS5 w/ wacom tablet)