Sunday, 31 October 2010

Maxine - Progression

A "Start to Finish" progression of a piece I did for my uncle's birthday.

I started another piece about a year ago, but never finished it. I finally got round to completing this about a month ago. It took me 3 days.

Inspiration by Alphonse Mucha of course! Who else?! :D
Specifically inspired by this illustration of his, from which I based the pose and background:

From Left to Right:
First initial rough layout sketch, Pencil sketch, Inked stage, Photoshop practise colouring, Letraset(greys) marker colouring, Final framed picture

I've had to keep off from uploading this until I knew they'd seen it! I got a message from my auntie today saying how she loved it :)

So here it is!

Art (c) Me (with inspiration/reference from Alphonse Mucha)
Time: 3 days
Used: Pencil, Pilot 0.4 Black fineliner, Photoshop CS5, Letraset (Greys) marker pens.

Zoom in for a closer look!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Some Digital Drawings (requests) ...

I've been practising a bit more in Photoshop as of late... I decided to try and draw some requests asked of me by some deviantart followers... I love monochrome colour schemes. Inspired muchly by "ktshy" and "B1nd1" on deviantart, style-wise.

3 more requests to keep me going on the mental "to-do" list... I hope to experiment a bit more in time :) I need to seriously start finding a style that fits who I am and what I want to say.......... /isn't everyone? And get a hand of technology in general. Blahhhh.

Back at uni now, starting 2nd year Animation! WOOP! Cannot wait to get stuck into the course again. First project is a "soundscape" task (I think)... I hope it's not too "abstract"...I really want to continue with character animation! I'm sure I'll most likely be stubborn about the task and just end up being completely literal again :P Ho hum.