Sunday, 31 October 2010

Maxine - Progression

A "Start to Finish" progression of a piece I did for my uncle's birthday.

I started another piece about a year ago, but never finished it. I finally got round to completing this about a month ago. It took me 3 days.

Inspiration by Alphonse Mucha of course! Who else?! :D
Specifically inspired by this illustration of his, from which I based the pose and background:

From Left to Right:
First initial rough layout sketch, Pencil sketch, Inked stage, Photoshop practise colouring, Letraset(greys) marker colouring, Final framed picture

I've had to keep off from uploading this until I knew they'd seen it! I got a message from my auntie today saying how she loved it :)

So here it is!

Art (c) Me (with inspiration/reference from Alphonse Mucha)
Time: 3 days
Used: Pencil, Pilot 0.4 Black fineliner, Photoshop CS5, Letraset (Greys) marker pens.

Zoom in for a closer look!


  1. wow. you are a fantastic illustrator! very well done. I can definitely see the pure inspiration by Alphonse Mucha. Great job having a classic painting such as that as your inspiration and yet putting your own modern twist to it. I can only imagine how fantastic this truly is in person. Did u draw the final product by hand with ink or did u illustrate this on Illustrator (or another program)?

  2. @zuryart - Thank you so much for the kind comments! :) My uncle (and aunt) loved it, yes. He has it standing on his desk at home now. I used Copic Marker spirit pens and (several) fine-liner pens, so everything was done by hand.

  3. you did all of this as a hand drawing and not illustrated on the computer? that is very noteworthy and impressive. the details are very well done. If not already, make sure to post this in your portfolio. If not the original piece then at least the photos you took of the progression. It demonstrates how detail oriented you are and how you incorporate Art History into your work which is very important. Would love to see more pieces that are inspired by Art History. Job well done :)