Sunday, 7 November 2010

Little Girl Design

This little character popped up whilst sketching (for a very exciting project I will be telling you all about soon) last night...

She's inspired by the new range of clothes designed by Stella McCartney for kids -

The first girl that appears when you go to the link is who the illustration is based off. (Maud) <- Who's name is SO adorable. I love her hair, isn't she cute?

The clothes are amazing! Aren't the colours lovely? I love it all so much!



  1. You seriously need to work for Disney lol. I can definitely see your style of animation working magic in the Disney studios. Wishing u best of luck on your job endeavors because u definitely have talent.

  2. @zuryart - Again, thank you for commenting! Working for Disney would be my dream job! Seriously! I'll keep on drawing pretty things for now... Thank you :)

  3. Hello I saw your drawing and i am writing a book and looking for a childrens illustrator, do you do this by chance. This little girl is adorable and reminds me of one of my characters. Thank You Lisa

  4. @aletterfromlisa - Hi! Thank you for your comment. I haven't ever illustrated a proper children's book before, but I am currently doing some illustration for a small local company that are very children's illustration-esque. I'd love to know more about the book you are writing. I have quite a lot on at the moment, (mainly with uni work) but also the commissions I have stated, but I would really appreciate it if you could perhaps tell me a little more about what it is your book will entail etc. My email address is Please feel free to email me your thoughts/ideas. I may not be able to take it on for definate, but I would really love to see. I hope this is OK! Thank you so much for the interest. I have always wanted to illustrate children's books! Thank you.