Wednesday, 26 May 2010

3-Stage Fan-Art Illustration

This is fan-art for Vampire Knight, a very popular Shoujo Manga I have been reading for several years now. I adore the art style as it's really pretty and detailed. The story has taken a really big dramatic turn in recent chapters so I'm really enjoying reading it.

On a recent poll I conducted on my deviantart page, my amazing watchers/friends suggested some ideas I could use for my intended next "Vampire Knight Copic Illustration".

My main inspiration were old late 19th - early 20th century photos. I really adore them. I've found a few that I really like, and will be using these for future illustration in the same style as these.

Anyway---Here's the 3 stages I went through for this illustration:

1) Pencil. Done on A4 normal printer paper. Referenced from this photo -->

2) Pen or fineliner. Lineart. I put a new piece of paper over the pencil and held them together with 2 paper fasteners. I then put this on my lightbox and outlined it in the fineliner. This is the most lengthy and time consuming process. Mainly because my pen was bleeding into the paper, so I had to really carefully draw the lines - It was nerve-wracking! Done using a 0.1 brown fineliner.

3) Copics. I used 4 Copic marker colours to then colour this piece in. I love Copic markers as they're really smooth and fun to use. I have "Set D" which has 36 markers. I chose this set as it had the most "muted" tones. The others had nice colours too, but this one had less bright and sickly colours which I didn't prefer.
So I used Warm Gray 1,3,5 and 7 for this piece to give it the "sepia" feel.

And that's the finished piece! I really enjoyed the process and I'm planning on doing a few more for Vampire Knight characters. I also want to try some other themes with this idea too. I've got the whole summer, I want to make use of it!
This illustration can also be seen at my deviantart account-->


Saturday, 22 May 2010

Sketches from the National Portrait Gallery and Waddesdon Manor etc...

Skecthes I did during the Easter holidays a month or two back now. I went to the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery with my Nana in London. It was a really good day and I enjoyed drawing the different people wandering around the exhibitions (and I think she enjoyed watching me draw them too ). :)
Most of the sketches are of people's backs as they were looking at the paintings...

Some more detailed sketches done on the bus home from the galleries...

I also went to Waddesdon Manor (England, UK) with my lovely friends, Dazza and Freya.
This page shows a sketch I did quickly of Dazza and some sketches from around the Manor. I was only allowed to use a pencil to sketch inside the Manor as all the furniture, ornaments, rugs and curtains were incredibly ornate and expensive. I had only brought a pen with me so I had to borrow a pencil from the staff there, but I forgot to give it back! I feel bad! :P

This last page shows sketches done at my Grandma and Grandad's home in London. My uncle has recently had a child with his new partner (an older post shows the "baby girl" card I made for her) I drew some sketches of my family holding baby, Sura.


More Dr Who Sketches

Some DoctorxAmy sketches I drew the other day...and some Kaname (from Vampire Knight) sketches in there too :P
I love drawing the Doctor and Amy. They are so damn cute. I'll probably keep on saying this, but it's true. :)

I have been drawing the VK illustration all day (as mentioned on my deviantart journal/poll) I've done the line art, so I'll start colouring it tommorow. I'm excited for the end result! :)

My deviantart page --->

Monday, 17 May 2010

Doctor Who: Matt Smith

I've only just started to watch Doctor Who with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, and I'm really loving it. Matt Smith is absolutely adorable and so is Karen. I think I'll have to go back and watch some past series. I really can't believe I missed David Tennant's episodes, I love him!

I *attempted* to colour it in PS7 quickly... Forgive the poor quality!

Better get on with other stuff! More Doctor Who fanart is imminent though!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Photoshop Practise

Messing about in PS7 the other day. Unfinished. Inspired by loish on deviantart of course :)

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Life Drawing Studies #2 - Trip

Last post of the 3 life drawing sessions done in preparation for the animation exercises. This last session was reference for the "tripping over" animation exercise.
All of my animation exercises can be seen here:

Life Drawing Studies #2 - Lead-Restrain

Some more life drawing studies from several weeks back now. These were done in preparation for the lead-restrain animation exercise on my course. I used some cheap felt-tip pens for some of these studies which I really liked. Using them I had to be careful, as going over the lines would make it messy, so it forced me to observe the model even more closely than before which helped me...
So here they are: