Saturday, 22 May 2010

More Dr Who Sketches

Some DoctorxAmy sketches I drew the other day...and some Kaname (from Vampire Knight) sketches in there too :P
I love drawing the Doctor and Amy. They are so damn cute. I'll probably keep on saying this, but it's true. :)

I have been drawing the VK illustration all day (as mentioned on my deviantart journal/poll) I've done the line art, so I'll start colouring it tommorow. I'm excited for the end result! :)

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  1. this is fantastic! the details of Amy on the far bottom right on her face are priceless. She has this fantasy/dreamlike/romance stare. Wow. Not many people can capture such emotion like that so easily. Great job. I love it. And I had to laugh at the bottom left. Looks like Amy is getting a piggy back ride from the Doctor? Lol he does like running quite a bit so maybe this is her alternative lol.

    And what's this? The Doctor kissing Amy?! *gasp* Lol great sketch tho! details are wonderful. Would love to see more Doctor Who drawings from you. ~ Zury

  2. @zuryart - Thank you again for the many comments on my blog! I really apprieciate them very much, it's lovely to hear feedback from different people.
    Glad you liked these Doctor and Amy sketches - I have loads more uploaded on my deviantart account, here's the address if you want to go have a look ->

  3. Dont open ur eyes .... wow nice touch..