Sunday, 21 April 2013

Character Practice Portraits for School Fair...!

These are two practice portraits I’m doing as preparation for a local Primary School fair I will have a stall at in a few weeks time. They were designed and painted by me.

I want to do some simple character portraits in gouache paint on site as well as the possibility of completing them once the fair is over if demand is high. I’m trying to complete them in about 40 minutes each.

20% of the money for these particular portraits will be given to the school to help raise money for their own purposes.

I hope to be able to complete a few whilst I’m there. I’m looking forward to it!


Sunday, 14 April 2013

Cooking-related illustrations for a friend!

My friend asked me to do some illustrations for her university course’s final year ideas to raise money for their final show. She is on a costume design course in London and my friend and her coursemates are putting together their own recipe book so these illustrations will be for the final book.

I was happy to do it, as I enjoy drawing the costumes from the related eras shown here.

The first image shows the rough ideas I sketched out with the reference material given. Then after my friend had chosen the ones she liked (with her coursemates’ feedback too) I cleaned up the drawings and did some very basic colouring.

I really enjoyed drawing the last two (the flapper girl and the 1950s woman) as I absolutely adore the two eras. They were SO fun to draw. I really want to do more, especially 50s style.
I was pushed for time to get these done by the end, so the oven in the 1950s one is traced (I know, the shame!) from this image here: THANKS GOOGLE IMAGES *WINK*

Once the book is printed I will be sent a copy, so cannot wait to see it! I’ll have to take a photo and upload it here.

I really hope they raise the money. I know from my university course experience last year how challenging it is for the whole year to club together to raise enough money to put on a good show! Go guys!