Saturday, 13 February 2010

Fifi Bernadette :)

So I had to completely re-design my character for my uni project...My worst fears were realised---the characters I had designed before (see previous post) were way too complicated and uninteresting! I had a chat with my tutor and we decided I'd be better off animating a simpler design...

My main inspiration for my "new" character is the artist Lorelay Bove...I absolutely adore her artwork and am so inspired by her and her style that I wanted to incorporate her inspiring sense of design into my own characters :)
She truly is wonderful :) As I follow Bove's blog on here, I've noticed she has an etsy account and am really tempted to buy smething of hers...the price is really quite good...hopefully shipping won't be too much :S
She's also inspired me to work with acrylics which I hoep to do at some point when I get time! I miss painting with much fun:)

So this is a relatively quick design of (renamed) "Fifi Bernadette" inspired by the wonderful and amazingly talented Lorelay Bove...

There will be more sketches soon of her and "Peppin" the fox--all re-designed! I'll also be uploading their walk and run cycles too so will give links on here to my Youtube account :)



  1. I met Lorelay when I visited the Disney studio in Novemeber-she's really nice. her work on the end titles of Princess & the Frog is the best part of the film for me!

  2. That's awesome. I'm really inspired by her work at the moment. I loved how her style was used in PatF too, it was utterly gorgeous! I've seen she has an etsy account and will most likely be buying one of her prints from there soon too.