Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Uni Project Character Work...Lots of Drawings :)

As described in the previous post, I am doing a new project at uni which is to design a human and animal character to animate over the next 11 weeks here at uni...
I've done a whole load of drawings...but after speaking to my tutor, I'm trying to simplify my "final" design to make it easier for when I start animating :)
So here's some sketches I've produced over the last week...

Some head practise...Looking for face shapes and hairstyles mostly. (Bottom left is modelled on Irish actress Saiorse Ronan~~~I think she's beautiful)...

Stylized practise...Trying out different styles of character depiction...Some were inspired by Lorelay Bove (who I follow on here ) I love her work. I'm trying to simplify my characters leaning more towards her style :)

Found little characteristics I liked to draw and continuing developing the character's appearance...Tim Burton eyes are a go-go :)

(There are more development pages between this and the image before but I can't be bothered to upload them...They're not great really.)
Drawings to find my character's personality and some facial expressions experimentation...

An expressions page :) This was fun to do :)

Now for some animal sketch designs! I wanted to do a fox (we had to choose a four-legged animal) :D Foxes are cool :) I found reference videos on Youtube which were a great help :) I don't usually draw animals, but this was really fun, I want to draw more definitely :)

Some more fox sketches... I also put my character (Lucie Bernadette--She's French ) in some of the poses with the foxes... The one where Lucie is carrying the fox (whose name is Peppin btw; also French ) the pose was based on a scene from Disney's "The Rescuers" where Penny is carrying the cat *can't remember his name as has only seen this film once when I was very very young :(* I remembered that scene for some odd reason and wanted to super-impose my characters over that shown in the film as I can imagine Lucie carrying little Peppin like this :)

Blew up this little image from the previous one as it really shows my two characters well (even though little Peppin isn't developed character-wise here at all) I still likes it :)---The pose was taken from a Youtube video in which this man had taken in this old, sweet fox and had grown attached to it! :) It was so sweet! *really wants a pet fox now plz*
The man carried the fox around like this when the fox was tired! Aww! :)

Developing fox design...These next pages are getting very "Disney" :( I need to go back and re-design/simplify them...Plus it'll be way too hard to animate:P
I'll upload them anyway :)

More developments and personality/accessory ideas :)

And finally...another expressions page for Peppin :)
He's looking very much like the fox from "The Fox and the Hound" ... (again, another film I literally have not seen in years and years so fails at name recall :P )
I was merely making my characters have similar eyes (gothicy dark shading around eye sockets) though, obviously, this is just way too "Disney"...I have to really simplify this one down :( Poor Peppin~~~Don't worry, I'll keep your little bow tie intact! :)

Whew...Long post, but there we go...A few images that I've been working on over this past week! *which I now have to go and redesign* D: Oh well.

I still haven't forgot about my Disney project mentioned a few posts ago! I'll attempt to start it once my workload eases off a bit...I have 4 animations to do by Monday...O____O *chugs down coffee*

That's all fo' now :)

I'll post my final-final designs soon once I've actually designed them! Another long night of drawing awaits! :)