Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A Disney Princess Idea :)

I had a brainwave a few months back now concerning Disney Princess-related fanart. I've always loved seeing the many ideas people come up with for this area of fanart...Deviantart being notable for a lot of great pieces!

I was trying to think of what I would like to see Disney Princess' doing. I've always loved watching anything "Behind The Scenes". Literally---I don't even mind if it's a retarded rap artist's behind-the-scenes music video; I will be compelled to watch it. It just interests me.

So I got thinking. With the Disney Princess merchandise so popular (and amazing) I was thinking of the Disney female characters in a "behind-the-scenes" situation.
Initially, I was thinking of drawing the princess' all in their dressing rooms getting ready for their "photoshoot" (the merchandise pictures being their resulting photos if you understand what I'm on about?)

This idea then led on to the surrounding images around the edge of the page (shown below). Being a HUGE fan of the Menken musical renaissance in Disney films, I was thinking it'd be fun if I were to draw each princess in a sound booth recording "their" songs for "their" movies...This idea excited me. This then led to another idea---why not draw the princess' in the trends of the time their film was released? So Ariel; for example; "The Little Mermaid" came out in 1989 so I draw Ariel in late 80s American style clothes! And Belle and Jasmine in early 90s, Sleeping Beauty in late 50s etc etc etc! (You get the idea) :)

This idea excited me greatly. So I hastened to design some poses I could get for the princess' in their sound booths singing their hearts out!
Here I focus on Ariel :)

Here are some more poses in miniature---This time, with most of the princess' I will eventually draw! I was trying to think of layouts for how I would create this illustration too...This is present at the top of the page---It's all very rough work!

This next page is a layout idea. 6 boxes to a page. Drawing the princess' singing in each box, different poses for each character. Again...this is just rough work- Trying different approaches to drawing "singing" poses for each female character. I will be researching clothing styles and trends later on :)

A rough sketch page of possible singing poses. Trying to draw the whole figure to get the gesture right. Random sketch of woman was from an advert I was watching at the time. She was really pretty so I decided to sketch her quickly :)

Last page! Done more recently. This was slightly unrelated to the "singing princess'" in that I was just trying to give the princess' a 50s swimmer-style figure for fun. Another extension of this could be a modern-day "fashion-photoshoot" with the Disney princess' (and possibly princes') drawn in a realistic photoshoot style as seen in Vogue, Elle and other fashion magazines...:)

That is all! :)


  1. Hey jessica, thnx for your comment. You can really draw! These pages of studies are exactly the right thing to be doing-keep it up.

  2. Thank you Matt, I really appreciate your comment! Thanks for the motivation!

  3. I love this idea! It's really original and I can already imagine how it would look! Recreating the Disney princesses as real actresses of the time is really cool.

    If you're interested in any collaboration on this, (inking, colouring etc) I'm up for it. Awesome. :)

    Also, Jessica Rabbit needs some inclusion! :P

  4. Thank you Gemma:)

    Thanks for the offer of collaberation, I was actually thinking of drawing and colouring them in Copics but we could definitely try a few w=in a collaberative form definitely! It'll be fun to see two different approaches:)

  5. This is such a fantastic idea! I would love to see you go through all the way and all out on this. Keep us all posted!

  6. Jessica: Thanks for sharing your art with us. Your poses and sense of movement are very talented and inspiring. It's definitely motivation for me to keep plugging away at my fledgling attempts at drawing!

    Keep up the great work! :)