Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Merry Smithmas!

A little late perhaps....but a merry christmas to one and all! :D

A very rough livestream drawing done a few nights ago of the Doctor and Amy.

Amy has just given the Doctor a hand-knitted jumper (with a very groovy tardis on the front ;D ) to him, for his Christmas present.

(Though it's fair to say she probably didn't knit it herself.... She most likely got a friendly local granny in Leadworth to help her out... )

I enjoyed the Doctor Who Christmas Special, though I wasn't completely enthralled by it to be honest. It could have been more "magical" like the past series. Though I did love the "underwater/fog fish" idea, and of course it was lovely to have it on TV again! To see the characters once more! The next series looks AMAZING. I am way too excited for that to begin!

Happy Holidays everyone


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