Friday, 31 December 2010

Bonnie and the Toys - Thank You card 2010

This is a picture of Bonnie wishing Andy, a Merry Christmas from herself and the Toys...

Completed on Livestream a few minutes ago! :D

This took absolutely FOREVER! But I am proud of it! *______*
A lot of tea went into making this, that's for sure! :D

I drew the original sketch for this about 3 days ago (after watching Toy Story 3) and decided I'd like to try and draw the characters. Every year I draw a 'Thank You' card to send to my friends and relatives for presents from Xmas. So this year, it will be a Toy Story 3 theme! :D (WHICH MAY I JUST SAY, DESERVES TO BE APPLAUDED AND GLORIFIED AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE FOR IT BEING NEAR-ON PERFECT AND AMAZINGINGLY SPECTACULAR, DON'T YOU AGREE? PIXAR ILU) :D

This was SO much fun to colour, I really want to try colouring like this again soon.

And if you do indeed have the 'Art of Toy Story 3' book (as I do) then you will see how I've taken inspiration (colouring-wise) from the page of children designs (which is without a doubt, my most TREASURED AND BELOVED of all the pages in the book :P )

Anyway - Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful time! And a Happy New Year to everyone too! Bring on 2011! :heart:

(c) Pixar - Toy Story 3
Art by me!
Used: Wacom A4 tablet and Photoshop CS5
Time: MANY HOURS ;;___;;

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  1. This was very well done! Wow. it's a dead on impression of each character in 2D. Great job. Keep doing stuff like this because this came out fantastic.