Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Star Wars Characters - Quick drawings

A very rushed few sketches of 6 Star Wars characters for my mum's friend's son. It was his birthday a few days ago, and the present my mum had ordered for him on the day of his birthday hadn't arrived in time. So she asked me to quickly draw some simple and cute Star Wars characters for him instead of waiting.

I have watched all the films, but I was never really "in" to Star Wars as a child. I just didn't like Sci-fi much. I'm slowly getting more into the genre now (with Doctor Who) but I don't know if that's in the same "league" as Star Wars(?) Maybe? So excuse my inaccuracies!!! (My friend who's a BIG-TIME fan of Star Wars says my Yoda is inaccurate as he only has a lightsaber in the newer films, as supposed to all the other characters drawn are from the older films...) :P Oh well.

Quickly drawn in pencil and coloured with Copic marker pens.

My mum told me that her friend's son absolutely loved it though. Which I was happy about :) But now his younger sister wants me to draw her some Disney characters for her!! Better get to work again then!

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