Monday, 20 September 2010

Disneyland Paris! Sketches

I went to Disneyland Paris over the weekend. We (quite literally) had the whole of Saturday at the park. It was fantastically knackering. 12 whole hours at the park, my friend and I deserved a medal!!

I didn't have time to draw whilst at the park, so the next day (on the coach coming back) I decided to sketch some things I remembered in particular from my day there. The people I drew really stuck in my mind, (some comically, and some aesthetically speaking).

I've written notes beside each drawing to explain why I had remembered and drawn them. My writing's quite bad, so I'll write it up now for clarity...

(Top left drawing) - I remember walking past this guy in the Disney Studios Park quite early on in the day. He was asking a cast member for directions (I didn't draw the cast member as I couldnt specifically remember what he looked like.) The guy was casually holding a cigarette in one hand, map in the other and Minnie mouse ears on his head, completely non-chalent. I thought it was hilarious! :)

(Bottom left drawing) - A cast member in the old hotel uniform for the "Tower of Terror" ride. He was really creepy and cool. You could tell he loved freaking everybody out. He was awesome. He helped me get my fast pass ticket for the ride earlier in the day, and then recognised me and my friend again as we walked onto the ride when it was our turn. (My friend and I were wearing quite distinguishable clothing apparently). He was cool, so I drew him.

(Middle large drawing) - Walking around the park, it was a shock NOT seeing peole putting effort into what they were wearing. It was a sea of black, grey and white clothing!!! How boring!!! It was all very "casual" which I was surprised at. Surely if you knew you were going to Disneyland you would make some sort of effort into having even just a bit more colour in your outfit for the day????!! Apparently not...

This girl stood out in the crowd though. Her outfit was very simple but really chic. A light yellow slightly fluffy knitted jumper, light brown tailored trousers with cute shoes and a short bob of blonde curly hair with Minnie Mouse ears on her head. She was so cool. It was so nice to see! Such a breath of fresh air in a sea of boring clothing!!! I instantly "etched" her in my mind so I could draw her later on.

(Middle bottom drawing) - Little girl probably about 5 or 6 years old. Perfectly blonde, long curly hair and blue eyes. She was wearing the whole Minnie Mouse costume and she looked so cute. White tights, little "Alice In Wonderland" black shoes and the Minnie Mouse red dress with white Polka dots and belt, and of course the Minnie Mouse ears. So sweet!

(Bottom right drawing) - Another little girl wearing a Belle dress. This was about 7:30pm on the day. My friend and I had grabbed a bench to sit down and relax for a few moments. I noticed this family nearby. The little girl (no more than about 8 years old) had just been spoken/shouted at quite loudly by her dad.So she went and sat down on a bit of wall and put her head in her hands and started to cry. I don't know why I remembered it, but I just did. I suppose it's just how children are when they get over-whelmed by having such a fun-filled day. I think she must have been very tired. Poor thing. I think she was better after a few minutes though. It's all very short-lived with children isn't it? (My youngest cousin's favourute tactic for sympathy is "crocodile tears" if he wants anything.)So maybe the little girl was wanting more fo smoething and her dad denied her request? I don't know. Still, the image of her crying in her Belle dress still stuck in my mind.

On this page I skecthed myself and my friend's outfits for the day. (I'm the bottom one)

Also, the top right sketch was another remembered moment from Disneyland.
This was on the Main Street USA where, in the centre, they have "Meet and Greet with Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen". There's a white gazebo/band-stand hut (I don't know what it's proper name is) and this is where the characters stand. Three of the sets of stairs that lead up to the gazebo-hut had the parents with their children queuing up infront of them. So three separate queues of parents and chldren. The child would go up, meet Tiana and Naveen, who would then pose for a photo with the child. Once the child's turn was up, they would go back to their family and Tiana and Naveen would automatically walk over to the next "entrance" of the gazebo to await the arrival of the next child. I don't know if that's clear, but it's just how Tiana and Naveen would, still smiling and perfect - all in character, move simultaneouly/robotically to the next "entrance". It seemed quite amusing, so I remembered it and drew it! (Does that make sense?)

But all in all, I had a wonderful day. Tiring, but really wonderful. :)

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  1. I like the Disney sketches (good theme) and the little stories of each of the people you drew. Great way to record the memories from your day.