Thursday, 9 September 2010

Gallery Sketches - 28.08.10

I had to go 'man' the gallery where some of my work was exhibited last month. (mentioned in previous posts) It's a very small gallery, but even so, it was oddly quiet for a Saturday... The day before I had popped in for the last 2 hours it was open and the place was insanely busy!
So on Saturday, I brought along my pad of paper and sketched in quieter moments throughout the day.

I printed some little business cards off too...a few people did take them which was cool. I spoke to one lovely lady who came in with her husband and young child. She said she was an animator herself! We talked for a while, and she said she'd worked on lots of pre-school television animation shows for the UK which was awesome!(Something I definitely wouldn't say no to in the future!) So she took one of my business cards. Her husband was saying stuff to her like "oh you could sort out some work experience..." etc, which was sweet, though I highly doubt anything will come of it seeing as it was somewhat of a 'fleeting' visit. But it was still great to speak with a female animator in the flesh!! Definitely very cool :)

Anyway, the gallery has two large bookshelves filled with art books. I couldn't help but have a nose through some of them. There were a lot of Alphonse Mucha ones, so I drew a few characters on this page which represent his style somewhat...
How great is Alphonse Mucha? So timeless. I will always admire his artwork.

The sketch top-left reminds me of "Phobs"' style on deviantart. (I LOVE how he draws 'noses')

The bottom right one is of Mia Farrow from the film "Rosemary's Baby", which I watched the other night. It's supposedly one of Wes Anderson's favourite films, so my friends and I had to watch it. I liked the amount of yellow used in the film (that was very "Wes" :) )

There's also a little sketch of 'Wendy' from Disney's Peter Pan in there too.

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