Friday, 20 June 2014

Daily Drawings.. BIG POST!

Hi everyone,

Here are a selection of drawings I've done over the past few months.

I've been mostly active on my tumblr, but I will try and post more often here too now as it has been wayyy too long!

Life update: Currently I'm looking for work in London. Seems a bit slow, but I'm hoping something will turn up soon. Mostly I am trying to sort out where I am going, well, moreover, where I want to be art-wise. The last few years have been up and down and I don't feel like I'm reaching my potential at all. So, I just need to get moving, get motivated and keep working.

(The drawings here are oldest->newest)

 Inspired by a 1940s dress featured on BBC2's, The Great British Sewing Bee

 This one is based on my sister! (When she was little!)


 Liza Minnelli

 My uni friends and I when we used to eat supper whilst watching Channel 4's, Embarassing Bodies... 
(not recommended for the squeamish..)

 'Lilca Captain America for sketch_dailies on twitter.

 Judy Garland

 Audrey Hepburn as featured in Funny Face.

 Arya Stark recounting her Death List..

 I went to the Matisse Cut-Outs exhibition and got inspired. I honestly feel like this exhibition was one of the best I've ever seen. Timeless art, pure genius.

 Anna from When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit by Judith Kerr. An idea for a 'scene'.

 Judy Garland as Esther Smith from Meet Me In St. Louis.

 Why was Young Justice cancelled? Seriously? This show rocks. Some sketches of Artemis and Kid Flash, because they are really adorable!

The drawing on the left is a study from an illustration by Gennady Novozhilo. The drawing on the right is mine, using the same techniques as applied in the drawing on the left. 

Ty! :)



  1. These are all gorgeous, Jess! :3 You could make an amazing series of postcards or A5 prints with your characters, they would look so beautiful! Love the kitties and the drawing of you and the girls watching TV! Captures you all perfectly! :P

    1. Thank you Gem! :) Haha, I want to put some stuff together to sell at some point, I suppose a few of these could go in a 'sketchbook' perhaps! Sometime soon I hope. Need to learn more techniques for colouring/finishing works until I'd feel comfortable printing anything :P

    2. Yeah a sketchbook would be perfect for these too! :) I think most are already good to be printed! They don't need clean lines and smooth shading to be prints! :3