Saturday, 2 February 2013

24-hour Comic Challenge!

So I decided to do the 24-hour comic challenge! Unfortunately I didn't post it (on my tumblr -> in time! I posted it 30 minutes past midnight, BUT! It's still the 1st of February in other parts of the world so that still counts right? :)

I'm aware how small this image may be... I'm hoping if you click to 'view image' it may appear bigger. If not, I shall try re-sizing it.

So this was my day! In comic-form! This was really fun, even though it's obvious where I started to rush the drawings... :P

Also, this breaks all the rules of the hourly comics day.... but oh well.



  1. Cool comic, Jess! Though I can't really read some of the text as it's a bit small like you say! Could you resize it to 500px wide maybe? :)

    1. Thanks Gem! Right - I'll do that now! Hope it works..!