Saturday, 10 November 2012

A Mini Watercolour Experiment...

I've been inspired by many things as of late.. I'll list a few of the most recent:

1. I discovered Carson Ellis' illustrations through her and (her husband) Colin Meloy's beautiful book; "Wildwood". The cover blew me away, and I had to buy it. Everything about her style inspires me, and the work between her and her husband is truly one of the loveliest and most creative collaborations I've ever known. Utterly gorgeous and inspiring.

More of her work can be found here

2. I attended Zoe Lem's Vintage Wedding Fair in Clerkenwell, London, with my aunt, Susannah Hall Tailors. I was assisting on the day with my aunt's stall for Grooms' wear, but I was also able to visit the other stalls at the event. I'm a huge admirer of Vintage and anything in a 'traditional' style, so the whole affair was utterly amazing and exciting. I was able to speak to a few people and hope to possibly get some collaborations in the works for the near future. (Which is partly the reason for the illustration I am uploading below..)

3. I visited Covent Garden very recently, and discovered the Moomin Shop. I've seen a lot of Moomin merchandise in lots of shops up and down the country, but never knew of this wholly Moomin-based shop. It had some really beautiful stuff, trays, mugs, bowls, etc. But when I discovered a matchbox with one of Tove Jansson's colour illustrations, I instantly fell in love with her style. It had been hiding behind all the Anime for so long! I quickly trotted over to the section of Jansson's Moomin books, and found the first one with Jansson's original illustrations; "The Moomins and the Great Flood", and bought it. I'm so glad I did, as it is just wonderful.

So lots of inspiration, and, as I am currently unemployed, I have decided to start moving and getting some ideas ready for Portfolio work! I want to experiment with painting and colour mostly, and will try to steer my way out of my comfort-zone to challenge myself and take risks.

So today, I simply did a quick warm-up with some watercolours. It's very difficult to start, obviously, so I thought; keep it simple; don't fuss on detail; don't overwork it; don't spend too long; just do it.

So I did.

This is the result. I think in the initial sketch, I was channelling a Nigella-look-a-like (as I had just been watching 'Nigella's Kitchen' on TV) My mother liked it.

So I'm going to research more into tips, techniques and tricks in watercolour painting. My mother has asked me to design Christmas cards this year too, so perhaps that will be my next little watercolour experiment. I have a hell of a lot to learn.


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