Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A few skecthes...

Finally had a little time to do some sketching in spare moments...Deadline for this term was Monday, everything went well thereabouts!

So here is a sketch of Rapunzel done the night before the deadline... (to relieve the stress..)

She is so lovely to draw.And a quick colour version...

At the actual critique/feedback session on Monday (after we'd handed in the digital copy of our work)we spent 6 and a half hours watching everyone's final rough animatics and hearing what the next step of their film was going to be... So during the 6 hours, I had to draw/doodle or I might have gone mad....

So I decided to draw my friends' characters! I really like drawing my friend, Zara's character "Roberta" who is the little girl with the large hair, glasses and dress with circles on it.

Zara's characters - Roberta and Emelina, for her film; "Fy Chwaer" (My Sister) - Zara Williams' Film Blog

Bry's character - Swamp/Frog creature, for her film; "Pond" - Bryony Evans' Film Blog

Claire's characters - The Stag and the Snake, for her film; "Catharsis" - Claire Spiller's Film Blog

Gemma's characters - Amber and the Tree Spirit, for her film; "The Little Tree Spirit" - Gemma Roberts' Film Blog

Vikki's character - The Ballerina, for her film; "Dancing Shoes" - Victoria Clark's Film Blog

Rob's characters - The Girl and the Dragon - (no blog available)

As well as this, I drew a sketch of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones.

I coloured it earlier with Copic marker pens and gave it to a friend as a Christmas present.


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