Saturday, 27 August 2011

Uni Side-Project - Joe Sharp..

A few months ago I posted the work myself and two of my uni friends did for a project on the side of our uni course. We created a comic in the form of a leaflet to be handed out to students at open days and other such events promoting higher education (and Newport Uni) to Secondary school pupils across Wales and some parts of England.

We were asked this year to complete some more comics that will be put on the website for younger pupils (around year 9 age - so about 14-15 year olds I'm guessing).

The uni created about 8 scripts of "life situations" for the character Joe Sharp to go through.. I was given "Joe Sharp on 6th Form/College" and "Joe Sharp on Work Experience".

They took about 3 weeks in total over a period of about a month and a bit.

They're not showing great drawings, or layout, colouring etc, but it was good practise.

So here is "Joe Sharp on 6th Form/College." Click to enlarge!

And here is "Joe Sharp on Work Experience" -(note: I chose this one specifically so I could draw lots of children. This was definitely the most fun to draw. Especially page two with the messy paint scene!! :] )



  1. Love the drawings, Jess! I got a little mixed up with the panels at the top of page one, as well as the balloons at the bottom of the same page, but the rest is great and like you said it's all good practice and the result is really cool. :) Fab work, how long did it take you? :)

  2. @amberdust Hey Gem! Thanks, it took me about 3 weeks start to finish (including rough layout etc) with a good few of those days (probably 2 weeks actually) of full out days of working on it. And yes, I see what you mean about the first few panels on a few of the pages being unclear. I was going to put on some arrows..I might do that still actually.