Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Life Drawing... 14.03.11

2 hour Life drawing class... Glad to be back!

Fab fab fab session. The model was encouraged to "act" out poses slowly, so he was constantly moving which made it fast-paced and captivating. LOVED IT. I started off with a few pencil sketches (for the warm-up walking poses) and then moved on to Quink with a small brush for the rest. Brilliant session.

Apologies for the bad quality photographs. They're all very large so scanning wasn't an option.. Click on images to Full-view.

Walking Warm-Up Sketches - 5 mins each. 5B.

The model here is sitting on the floor making a (pretend) fire out of sticks and a lightbulb..

In these studeis, the model was standing with a basket reaching up and putting things in it..

These last few are just some random poses. I loved the hand poses.


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