Tuesday, 14 December 2010

University Prospectus Project - Character Designs

Myself and two friends put ourselves forward for an oppurtunity to help the marketing side of our university create a prospectus aimed towards year 9 students in Secondary schools (so around 14-15 year olds).

They originally would hand out the normal university prospectus to these students, but these had long paragraphs and very limited pictures/photos which would interest this age-range.

So our "client" who works at Newport university decided to put forward the idea of creating a comic which would show a main character, as a year 9 student, going to a Careers Fayre and learning about what university is. Our character (who we named Joe for the time-being) is a somewhat naughty and un-motivated student who prefers spending time on his DJ set than learning academic subjects. His mother appears in the comic, and she is against him and his music choice of interest.

Joe has the typical "angel vs. devil" over his shoulder which helps the story unfold. Other characters include fellow Secondary school student-friends as well as a woman who he meets at the Careers Fayre who tells him about university life and what to expect (etc)

It was a really great idea, and we had a very tight deadline, which required a lot of very quick work, but we managed to get it done in time! To our relief!

I shall upload the comic panels I contributed to soon. We have literally just today given them to the client - They are being coloured by the design team at Newport uni now, and hopefully will be sent off to be printed on Friday! Myself and my two friends who worked on this project will receive two free copies of the final prospectus! I can't wait to see it!

Anyway - so here are my initial designs. (Please full view!)

We started off by each designing the main character. Our client wanted it to be a boy, so we all came back with boy designs.

The first section (1/4) of this page shows my boy designs.

None of my boy designs were chosen, so I was assigned the role of background character design.

The second section (2/4) shows designs for the 'mother', 'girl' (Secondary school friend who wants to be a teacher) and the other 'girl' character who 'Joe' meets at the Careers Fayre. I have highlighted in colour the designs that were chosen for the final comic.

The third section (3/4) shows further designs for the 'mother' and for the other 'boy' (Secondary school friends) characters. Again, chosen designs are highlighted in colour.

The final section shows further designs for the 'girl from the Careers Fayre'. The chosen one is highlighted in colour.

I shall upload the finalised lineart comic panels soon. And when I receive the finalised coloured prospectus' I shall scan/photograph them and upload here on here.


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