Saturday, 28 August 2010

Portugal Holiday Sketches '10

Some life drawing sketches from my recent holiday in Portugal.
Hot hot weather! Beautiful towns, scenery, climate, people. It was a fantastic holiday. I hardly made enough time to capyure it on paper though...*kicks self*

The first sketch page was drawn from memory after a day in the town of Portimao.

These next set of sketches were done at Marihna Beach. (I dragged myself and my family down to there so I could actually get some life drawing done!) It was brilliant. I'd forgotten how much I love life drawing. And of course, a beach is a life-drawer's paradise. It was such fun.

I also got my dad to do some life drawing too! He hasn't drawn since his O-levels he says, but I think he did EXTREMEMLY well for a first-timer!!! I've put them together, don't you think they're fabulous?!? I'm going to try and force my dad to take life drawing classes :)

What do you think!?

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  1. Nice sketches & good idea to put notes like you did in some sketches....I'll do it to