Monday, 2 August 2010

"It's Got to be Funny!" - Pick Your Own

The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre in the UK --> is holding a small exhibition showcasing its staff members' work.
As I used to work there, I was contacted by a colleugue who remembered my drawings! I agreed to do it, so here's my first piece for the show!

The title of the exhibition is "It's Got To Be Funny" (in keeping with one of Roald Dahl's old sayings) :)

I live in the next village to where the museum is situated. In my village there is a relatively big farm which, every summer, opens its gates and lets people come and pick fruit and vegetables. (I actually went a few weeks ago to pick strawberries myself - They are AMAZING)

Strawberries are always the most popular fruit to pick :D When I was there, I noticed a lot of children picking the fruit and eating it straight away which made me chuckle :)

So here, the children have all finished picking their strawberries, but having eaten them on the way round, have hardly any strawberries to declare/pay for at the end :D

First, here's the rough layout sketch:

And here's the finished piece! Done with Copic markers and brown Pilot 0.4 fineliner.

I may make prints of this if it proves popular! All pieces will be for sale in the gallery, I hope it sells! :P

If anybody's in the area, do come by and have a look!

It's only a small gallery but there'll be a lot of excellent work on show!! I can't wait! :D (I'll be taking photos of my work on the walls there and then probably uploading them here) :D :D :D

Can you spot a special someone in the picture? :)

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