Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Just some sketches done a week or so ago in spare moments...

I had a subscription to Vogue magazine for 2 years, so have collected a good stack of reference material for drawing clothes/styles/fashion for characters. I really love going through them, getting inspired, and then drawing characters in the clothes or style of the photos.

For most of this page of sketches, I was on a particular page in a Vogue magazine which showed "night-wear" outfits...they're really fun to draw :)

I can't remember what page I was on for these sketches...I have a feeling I was just choosing a page at random and then drawing whatever.
I also drew a little sketch of Grace Kelly from "High Society" which was on tv one lunchtime. It was a scene where she was by the pool in a beautiful swimming costume and "dressing gown". She was so elegant and beautiful, I felt absolutely compelled to draw her.

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